The most important aspect of our church is growing mature disciples. We define a mature disciple as one who: ·
  • Has gained their salvation through Jesus Christ
  • Is committed to following Christ in their personal lifestyle
  • Desires to bring glory to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit by striving to live in accordance to the Bible
  • Regularly contributes to the ministries of the church
  • Impacts the world for Christ in a positive manner
    Responsibilities of staff:

  • Of primary importance, our Pastor is one who is growing in the “grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ” [2 Peter 3:18]
  • We desire that our Pastor, if married, exhibits that his wife/family is his first priority thus demonstrating Christ’s headship of the church and God’s design for marriage
  • As the primary teacher within our church, our Pastor will be responsible to train leaders, develop ministries, preach the word and encourage the body
  • As such we look to our Pastor to direct, develop and deploy the servants of First Baptist Church into their surrounding community
    Responsibilities of lay leaders:

  • Personally grow in the “grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ” [2 Peter 3:18]
  • Foster open lines of communication with the Pastor and the congregation · Model discipleship, to grow in their own ministry skills, and to encourage the rest of the congregation in their ministry
  • Assist the Elders in the development and deployment of future ministries